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This just in from DC Comics – I’m sure we’ll see more of this from the other publishers soon….

Shipping Updates
DC faces an unprecedented strain on the global supply chain, affecting all of us in the comic industry and beyond.
Up to this point, we’ve been able to keep delays and shortages to a minimum, but with recent notifications about covid-related port closures, international and domestic freight delays, workforce shortages, and a severely allocated paper supply, we are unable to continue to manage this situation without disruption. A list of updated release dates for affected titles is below, and we expect further shifts in the future. DC will communicate these moves clearly and quickly.
Please know that we are doing everything we can to keep a steady supply of product coming through the system until the supply chain strain begin to ease, but based on current industry feedback, this situation is likely to continue for several more months.
Static: Season One #3 now in stores 8/31/2021
Green Lantern 2021 Annual now in stores 9/7/2021
Suicide Squad 2021 Annual now in stores 9/7/2021
Blue & Gold #2 now in stores 9/7/2021
Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Two #4 now in stores 9/14/21
Justice League #67 now in stores 9/14/2021
Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Two #4 now in stores 9/21/21
Batman the Detective #5 now in stores 9/21/21
Hardware: Season One #2 now in stores 9/21/21
Superman Son of Kal-El #3 now in stores 9/21/21
Locke & Key/The Sandman Universe: Hell & Gone #2 now in stores 9/28/21
Blue & Gold #3 now in stores 9/28/21
Deathstroke by Christopher Priest Omnibus now in stores 10/5/2021
Static: Season One #4 now in stores 10/12/21
Teen Titans Academy #7 now in stores 10/12/21
Wonder Girl #4 now in stores 10/12/21
Batman/Catwoman #8 now in stores 10/19/21
Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1 now in stores 10/19/21
Nubia & the Amazons #1 now in stores 10/19/21
Teen Titans Academy #8 now in stores 11/2/2021
Superman ’78 #3 now in stores 11/2/21
Suicide Squad: Get Joker! #3 now in stores 11/2/21
Batman: Reptilian #5 now in stores 11/2/21
Wonder Girl #5 now in stores 11/9/21
Justice League Dark: The New 52 Omnibus now in stores 11/9/2021
Static: Season One #5 now in stores 11/16/21
Wonder Girl #6 now in stores 11/23/21
Superman and the Authority #3 now in stores 11/30/21
Wonder Girl #7 now in stores 12/7/21
The Swamp Thing Volume 1: Becoming now in stores 12/7/21
Static: Season One #6 now in stores 12/21/21
The Books of Magic Omnibus Vol. 2 now in stores 1/11/22
Batman: No Man’s Land Omnibus Vol. 1 now in stores 1/11/22
Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes (Tabloid Edition) now in stores 2/15/22