Hallo everybody! STK665787

As you may or may not have heard already, DC is moving their offices from New York to Burbank and they are having an EVENT to mark the occasion (or something like that)!

CONVERGENCE is going to be an 8-issue* weekly event with 40 2-issue side books.

(*there’s a #0, too!)

If you sign up for the series, I will give you 25% OFF your entire run.

You can specify how you would like to do it:

  • CONVERGENCE #s 0 – 8
  • CONVERGENCE #s 0 – 8 and ALL 80 side books

The deadline to sign up is 6 March, please let me know as soon as you can.

If you sign up after the 6 March deadline: we will try our best to fill your order weekly, but might have to get you in on a reorder after that date.

Many thanks in advance for your understanding!