Hallo everybody! Christmas-HD-162

CHRISTMASTIME is here! Whew!

And our CHRISTMAS SALE is here, too.

When: Saturday, 15 December through Sunday the 23rd.

We will be open EVERY DAY, including Monday the 17th, so hopefully everyone can make it in and grab someone that last minute comic book coolness.

Or something for yourself (You deserve it and it’s that time of the year, right?)..!

What’s on sale?

ALL Trades, Hardcovers, Toys, Statues, and Busts are 25% OFF!
ALL “regular” back issues are at least 25% off (1-5 books are 25% off, 6-14 books are 35% off and 15 and more books are 50% off)!

(That’s my clever way of trying to get you to grab 15 or more books during the sale, naturally.-Alex)

ALL “quarter books” are 10-for-$1, too!

“Cool”, “Wall Books” and “Back Room Books” are NOT on sale, sorry. Many thanks in advance for your understanding! 

Peace and Happy Christmas everybody!