Hallo everybody!

WALKING DEAD #100 is will be released 11 July with 9 SPECIAL covers and we are celebrating with the following deal:

ALL 8* covers for $23.94 (25% OFF)
ALL 9** covers for $31.43 (25% OFF)

PRE-ORDERS at the above discounted price are due FRIDAY, 1 June. ALL late orders will be cover price – Many thanks in advance for your understanding. 

*ALL 8 covers include:

#100.A – Charlie Adlard
#100.B – Marc Silvestri
#100.C – Frank Quitely
#100.D – Todd McFarlane
#100.E – Sean Phillips
#100.F – Bryan Hitch
#100.G – Ryan Ottley
#100.H – Charlie Adlard (WRAP cover, pictured)

**ALL 9 include the above 8 + the CHROMIUM WRAP cover (a variant of #H, above)

Pre-payment is not required, but you will have 2 weeks to claim your books. Any and all unclaimed books will be returned to the stands after that time (and this will likely be a SELL OUT, like most of what IMAGE has been doing lately, so caveat emptor, etc.).