Hallo everybody!

Just a quick note to let you know that we did receive our comics this afternoon from UPS, just not ALL of them. 🙁

While we did get the majority of our boxes, we are however missing a few and as luck would have it, those boxes have the majority of this week’s new books. Sigh.

We WILL NOT have most of the new books for you at 11a when we open.

However, we did get in and have ready for you on the stands: AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, NEW AVENGERS, BATGIRL, BATWOMAN & SECRET (not much, I know – and there may be a couple of smaller titles, too). And most if not all of this week’s TRADES and HARDCOVERS.

We will be getting the balance of our books by mid-morning (hopefully) and Erik and I will be pulling as quick as we can to have everything ready to go as soon as humanly possible.

If you can wait until 1 or 2p, that would be AWESOME. If you come in later in the day, please: disregard everything I’ve just said. 🙂

You can always ring the shop in advance to be sure we have all of our books, too (510.744.9287). We will hold books if you ask, too.

And I will update the website once everything is in, too.
Many thanks in advance for your understanding…!