Wednesday Morning Comic Books!

Wednesday Morning Comic Books! 29 Sep!

Great stuff in this week! De:Tales (Gabriel Bá & Fábio Moon!), Absolute Promethea Vol. 2 HC, American Vampire Vol. 1 HC, Machete #0, Chew #14, Casanova #3, X-Men: Second Coming HC, Archie Marries: 70 Years in the Making HC, The Art of Neal Adams HC & The Return of Lady Death!

Wednesday Morning Comic Books! 15 Sep 10!

A couple of great $1 books from Dark Horse (Serenity & Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite); Justice Society of America Special #1, Our Fighting Forces #1 and 4 Warren Ellis’ Red Movie Specials from DC; Kodiak (Joe Hill) and True Blood #3 from IDW; Morning Glories #2 from Image; Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine #3, Thor: First Thunder #1 and X-23 #1 from Marvel and The Boys: Highland Laddie #2 (of 6) from Dynamite!

Wednesday Morning Comic Books! 1 Sep 10!

Something for everyone this week! From The Amazing Screw-On Head HC and Our Army at War #1 to J. Scott Campbell’s 2011 Fairy Tale Fantasies Calendar and the new Wolverine #1 (and a HUGE Galactus action figure, too)!

Wednesday Morning Comic Books! 25 Aug 10!

It’s the end of the month already! Sheesh!

This week we have a couple of cool 1-for$1 books from Dark Horse (Conan & The Goon), plus Star Wars: Blood Ties, a Tale of Jango & Boba Fett #1 (of 4)!

DC has Vertigo Crime softcovers for Dark Entries & Filthy Rich, plus Superman: Secret Origin #6 (FINALLY!)!

Marvel has Astonishing X-Men #35, Avengers #4, FF #582 and the X-Men: Curse of the Mutants, Blade and Storm & Gambit (one-shots!)!

Plus Eric Powell’s (The Goon) Dynamic Forces edition of his San Diego Comic Con sketchbook & James Jean’s Rift Accordion Art Book!

Wednesday Morning Comic Books! 18 Aug 10!

A couple of new 1-for-$1 books from Dark Horse (Hellboy! & Usagi), plus more Brightest Day from DC, True Blood #2 from IDW, Chew #13 from Image, assorted Deadpool & Avengers books from Marvel & The Last Phantom #1!

Wednesday Morning Comic Books! 4 Aug 10!

Plenty of great books in this week! Baltimore: Plague Ships #1, Batman: Odyssey #2 (Neal Adams), Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer Artist’s Edition HC, Hellspawn Complete Collection HC, Marvel Universe v. The Punisher #1 & Supergod #4!

Wednesday Morning Comic Books! 28 July 2010!

Hallo everybody! It’s the end of the month (already!) and so we have Previews in this week! Highlights this week include: DARK HORSE: Abe Sapien: Abyssal Plain #2 (of 2), Buzzard #2 & Star Wars: Invasion Rescues #3 (of 6)! DC COMICS: Action #891, Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #4 (of 6), Batman: Whatever Happened…